Advantages of Filming In A Studio

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(Teleprompter corporate video production studio shoot. Shot on Sony FS5 4K Camera + Zeiss CP.3 Lenses)

Control. The end. (Just kidding, but no really).

While most subjects regarding video production are up for discussion this is probably one topic that would be universally agreed upon.”Filming in a Studio is far superior than any other option”.

But why?

It really comes down to control. Let’s dissect what we mean by control.

We’ll start with sound. One of the most fundamentally important parts of any video production is audio. Not all but the majority of Studios have “sound stages”. They are created specifically to sonically isolate sound from the outside world. So what you hear in the studio is what you get. Clean dialogue delivered from your talent without any “real world” interruptions. No plane noises, no humming air conditioning units or traffic. Unless that’s what you want in which case the “world” so to speak is turned on in post production during the editing process.

Set design. If you can dream it you can create it in a studio. You are no longer limited by “what is available” but rather what your construction and art team can create. Obviously the advantage to this is a visual that exactly matches what you had in mind. The set can also be stored for reshoots or reconfigured to fit specific scenes. Most sets are designed to “fly away”. Simply meaning if you need to remove a wall for a unique angle it’s easily done as it was originally built to be flexible by nature.

Weather and Lighting. Recreating real world consistent lighting conditions and weather are obviously distinct advantages to shooting in a studio. We could elaborate on this but it’s pretty straight forward. You want rain on command, night time at 2 pm that’s the power of shooting in a studio like West Palm Beach studio that you cannot replicate anywhere else.

Time. Having a central space or “command center” for your production saves you lots of time. Logistically speaking it’s simpler and less time invasive to travel to one space that’s equipped to handle your full production from start to finish. If your production runs over you can typically request an extension or schedule new studio time. If we compared this to on-location it’s a no brainer. Getting an extension for a “real” space is typically difficult and even if it does happen you’ll most likely end up paying a much higher day rate to bribe the property owner to allow this to happen if you can even convince them to do it.

St. George’s University commencement speech was shot at our West Palm Beach Studio
(Corporate video production studio shoot. Shot on Sony FS5 4K Camera with Zeiss CP.3’s)

Time goes even further than just logistics. Interruptions account for a lot of lost time. Since you are working in a controlled environment there are fewer distractions or interruptions that haven’t been considered prior to shooting. The less interruptions the more efficient production teams are. There’s no longer a need to check the weather, get permits, create insurance policies, get location releases, etc. All of those hassles go out the window when you move your production from on-location to a professional studio environment.

There’s a magnitude of advantages shooting in a studio brings to the table but we’ll end this where we started. Control.

We know your project is important. We want to ensure that you have the best space available for your next production. Our West Palm Beach studio was created specifically for professional commercial and corporate video productions! Contact us directly if you’d like more information about our studio or if you’re ready to rock you can conveniently book your studio time directly on our website here.