There are so many styles and formats in which you can shoot and distribute your content on social media that the sky’s the limit. While we can’t cover every format we will focus on 5 of the more popular ones that are trending now on social media.

Vertical Videos

No we’re not joking. While televisions and movies are still shot and displayed in a horizontal format the way we consume media has changed. According to 96% of Facebook users are accessing the platform via mobile device. In addition 94% of mobile users hold their phones vertically. 

Every time I have to turn my phone horizontally it feels a bit awkward. This is in part because phones are designed to be held with one hand. Not two. 

Some social media platforms like TikTok and SnapChat were created for vertical shooting and display.  It comes down to intent. When you decide to shoot vertical video make sure to think about what’s in the scene. Make use of tilt to reveal objects above or below the camera with a simple motion up or down. Another benefit is your video will naturally cover more screen landscape (fancy term alert).

Tip: You’ll want to make sure your video doesn’t have the dreaded black bars on the sides. This is only an issue if you are uploading from a laptop or desktop after editing in a program without the correct aspect ratio setup.

Ephemeral Stories

Ephemeral simply means “lasting for a short time”. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat all have ephemeral story options. Since stories are a form of micro-content this format will allow you to focus on specific benefits of your product, service and brand. 

This is the perfect opportunity to tell short stories to your core audience.

 You should use this format to talk about “now” vs long campaigns which are better suited for ad distribution. 

Stories live and die quickly so you have an opportunity to test a lot of different content strategies without fear of major repercussions.

Looping / Boomerang Videos

Gifs are one of the most commonly used forms of looping video. Looping videos are also a form of micro-content. This format is easily consumed because it’s a short piece of content and is also fun to watch when executed correctly. 

Not all things are cool in a loop. Loops tend to work best when there is some motion involved hence the tag “BOOMERANG”. 

With a little bit of creativity and maybe some inspirational youtube / facebook videos we’re certain you’ll be able to create some really cool loop content.

Live Videos

Live streaming is still an underutilized format. Live video has unique benefits that simply do not exist in other formats.

Real-time interaction for example is unique to live videos. Going live also allows you to interact and engage with your audience on a personal 1:1 level. Providing you the opportunity to address questions and concerns in an instance.

Audiences expect Live Videos to be more authentic and unpolished so it is an extremely cost and time efficient format.

360° Video

Most social media platforms now support 360° videos. The power behind 360° content is the ability for your audience to feel in control of their own experience. 

We’re going to start seeing more immersive content in the future. So it’s a great time to start experimenting with different tech, creatives and styles. 

Since this format is a bit more rare on social media it’s guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention. 

The cost is also nowhere near what it was even a decade ago. You can purchase a decent 360° Camera for under $500 that is more than capable of producing video for social media content!

Leverage these formats and your own creativity to build content that is unique to your brands identity. If you don’t know where to start pick one. Getting better is all about reps and consistency. Once you feel comfortable with one format add another. Since tech and trends are constantly changing it’s important to start developing a strong base now.

Once you have a solid base you’ll welcome new tools, formats and content challenges with open arms.