Finding the best video packages for social media
Do you have the time to become a full time video professional while still operating and maintaining your position and brand? 

For most the answer is no. It’s important for us to clarify where we need help before we begin identifying how much help we need. 

But what does this have to do with finding the best video packages for social media? 

When looking to hire an outside service to fulfill a need it’s important to understand your current resources. Finding the best video package for your brand for example depends on your current availability, resources and skill set. We’re going to deconstruct some different options so I want you to keep in mind your goals, objectives and how much of a role your brand can realistically play in the video creation process. This will allow you to make the best decision for your budget, goals and your sanity : ) 

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s chat about video packages for social media. 
The main benefit of a social media video package is your ability to deliver a consistent stream of content. Consistency will help with  brand recognition, social proof, engagement rates, and credibility. Consistency will also help positive brand association for your audience.
Let’s find out more about your resources and skill set below.

Do you have the ability to shoot your own professional videos for your brand but need help editing? 

If you answered yes: You may want to check out a service like VIDEOHUSKY.COM. VideoHusky takes your pre-recorded video files along with some technical information and they will edit your videos for you. Their price point is around $495 / Month for 30 minutes of finished edited video. Sites like fiverr.com or upwork.com are also options if you only need help finding a freelance editor. The cons of these types of services is they are still heavily reliant on you. You’ll still have to come up with a script, shoot your own video, and relay a crystal clear picture of what you want. Explaining a complex concept through a text field is extremely difficult. Websites like VideoHusky typically don’t have a large list of services. For example they may not be able to do custom animation or vfx.

If you answered no: You have a couple of different options. The first option would  be to use a website like Promo.com. Promo.com is a cloud based video service. They offer a large gallery of stock video with some nifty editing tools to add on-screen text, custom logos, graphics, etc. You would still need to have a plan. You could then use this service to select stock footage, add text, etc. to create your video. There is a bit of a learning curve to these services. 
How much time do you have really come into play here. 

You will after all be editing your own video. Which means learning a new skill and platform. The other drawback is stock video. Stock video works well when it’s supplemental. If your entire video is stock footage it will most likely feel disconnected. Personalized video tends to work best with social media because it’s all about people connecting with people.

Most users also select the most popular stock videos. This usually results in your audience seeing the same stock videos on multiple brand pages. This takes away from the unique value your brand offers.

So what is the best option if you can’t film in-house?

Hiring a full service video production company. This option in my opinion is the clear winner. When you hire a video production company you’re going to get higher quality service. Period.
A production company is going to be made up of a team of highly trained and focused experts. 
You’ll get a professional videographer and team to help with content creation. No cloud based service we know of offers this.

Video production companies will also help you with every stage of production and have extensive resources. This includes writers, talent (actors), props, location scouts, professional gear, expert production staff, etc… 

Again, there are no cloud services that offer full service production at this time. 

So why do people choose cloud based services?

Budget and Pressure. 

Most cloud based services are less expensive.
It makes sense. 

When you purchase a plan to use an editing platform you’re really paying to access a completed application. You’re not hiring an entire crew. 

The pressure is the desire to get something accomplished. It takes more time to find a qualified production company then to type your credit card into a payment portal and hit PAY. It  feels really good to have completed a task in minutes after a 2 minute google search. The real problem though is that instant relief doesn’t last. Quick fixes are just that. They are band aids not full solutions.

Based on our extensive research social media packages offered by production companies are going to range anywhere from $300 to about $10k a month. The major differences being the services offered in these packages and the quality of production. Your best option is to figure out exactly how many videos you need, your goals and how much of a role you would and can play in the production process. 

Being able to answer the following questions before you speak with a production company will ensure that you select the correct package, budget and services for you and your brand.
What services do I need?
Examples: Marketing, Creative, Production.

How many new videos would I like to post a week / month? 
Having a basic content posting schedule would be a great start.

What is my monthly budget?
If you have a marketing budget this is where you’d want to start. If not there are a lot of tools online to help you start creating one.

The first step to any journey is the first step. Make some calls, do your own research and have a plan. This is a big decision so it’s okay to take your time to ensure you’re finding the company or service that can best represent your brand to the masses. This is your livelihood after all so you’ll want to ensure whoever you work with has you and your customers best interests at heart.
One more resource you may want to check out is our “Questions to ask your production company” blog article. This will definitely help you when you start talking to production companies.