Imagine being able to grab your audience’s attention with just one beautiful and captivating image that perfectly sums up your brand. As daunting as this may seem, it’s actually much less difficult than you might think. Storytelling doesn’t just mean “telling a story”. You have to be able to tell a story through your visuals. That is how you will capture the attention of your viewers. If you can capture your story through only visuals and no audio, then you’ll know for certain that your project will achieve its goal of successfully promoting your brand.

How do we achieve this? Well, there are a few factors into creating that crucial first shot, A.K.A establishing shot. First and foremost, is composition. What’s in your establishing shot? Where is your product or actor placed in the frame and what is the motivation behind it? Are you promoting your beer company and want your first shot to be a close up of the foam dripping down the side of the glass to emphasize the quality of your product? Or are you promoting your pet grooming company and want your first shot to be a group of puppies running towards the camera (because who doesn’t love puppies)? The elements within your establishing shot needs to act as a “hook” for your audience and in doing so, needs to grab their attention immediately. 

Another important element to a captivating establishing shot, is lighting. Lighting helps set the tone for your entire product. Whether it’s a moody and dark piece, or a bright and happy piece, whatever lighting you decide on for that establishing shot will tell your audience what they should expect for your product.

As a video production company, we want your product to stand out from the crowd. We work hard to make sure that your establishing shot perfectly wraps up your product and brand so that you can successfully promote your business the way YOU want to.