You’re the CEO of your company. You’ve got every tool imaginable under your belt to keep growing and expanding your business, but you’re forgetting one crucial marketing tool. Video is a valuable tool to promote your business or company. With the rise of social media continuing to expand each and every day, making sure you have a trending marketing strategy for your company has never been more important. 

I Introduce you to TikTok. Perhaps the number one social media platform of this generation, TikTok allows users to upload short form content that loops over and over again, sometimes seamlessly, which can increase viewer engagement. Using TikTok for marketing your business can allow your company to reach out to all sorts of different audiences and can really rack up those views, allowing more people to hear about your business. 

Another big trend happening is BTS (Behind the Scenes) content. This type of marketing trend allows your audience to see what your company is like “behind the curtain”. This can include setting up for your production, extended cuts, outtakes, bloopers, etc. Basically, anything that shows the company’s true colors and brings personality to the company by showing the people and processes needed to make your final product. Whether it’s uploading viral videos to TikTok or creating BTS reels, Beyond the Pines is here to help you find the best way to market your product or business.