A member from GEO Group delivering a company message.

Corporate Video Production

A member from GEO Group delivering a company message.
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As small businesses grow into corporate entities their needs and challenges begin to change.

The Major shift? Priorities.

Most small businesses prioritize revenue. They tend to focus on “goods” like products and services. The liabilities and risks are smaller because they are not operating “at scale”. They can still handle the majority of their challenges with cash flow and require less infrastructure to function on a day to day basis.

Once a small business starts maturing (so to speak) and the employee and client base are operating at “scale” there are new challenges that begin to emerge.

This is good news. It means a lot of the hard work has been done. Now instead of “how can we sell this” it becomes “how can we optimize this”. This means absolutely everything. Not just externally in regards to potential clients but internally like teams, current clients, brand equity and infrastructure.

Video production companies and corporate video production play a major role in solving some of these challenges.

Let’s look at training for example.

Small businesses tend to have a senior employee train new employees. Sometimes with little to no training on “how to train new staff” or procedural documents. This is problematic if you’re operating a company that services for example 100+ clients and relies on consistency. It may not be a problem with a small client base, however, at scale it’s almost impossible to deliver consistent service to every client if employees aren’t properly trained and on the “same page”.

That’s where corporate training videos come into play.

They provide consistency. They ensure that new employees are trained on how “this specific corporation” operates and the necessary procedures to ensure consistency and client satisfaction. It’s a better experience for the new employee as well as for the client who will ultimately benefit the most from this. The bottom line will also prosper by having a more efficient and knowledgeable team member.

Corporate videos go a lot further than just training.

Let’s look at some examples of video categories that corporations are using video production companies like Beyond the Pines Productions to help create:

  • Recruiting Videos
  • Company Profile / Documentary / Branding
  • Internal Communications
  • Corporate / Company Events
  • On-Boarding / How-To Videos for New Clients
  • Day in the Life / Behind the Scenes / How it’s Made
  • Meet the Team
  • Company Updates / Changes
Beyond the Pines RED Dragon X 6K Camera package

This short list obviously doesn’t include every category of Corporate video production but it covers some of the most important ones.

Corporate video production like most video production is broken down into phases. Those phases are as follows: Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.

Pre-Production is essentially the planning phase. This is when goals are discussed, visions are created, a script is written, talent is cast and the overall “plan” is finalized. From there we enter into the Production phase. This is when the plan is executed. To keep it tidy this is the action / filming phase. Once production has wrapped it’s time for post production. The final phase. In post-production all of the “pieces” of production are brought together in the editing process. Sound design, color grading, vfx, trimming, etc. All of the little nuances that make the final product / video shine.

Ultimately just like most video productions the goal is to ensure that the project and video are a success. This is done by never losing sight of “purpose”. What role that video plays in a corporation and how does the video uncomplicate a challenge in a way no other medium can do.

It’s our mission at Beyond the Pines Productions to ensure that your video solves a challenge you’re facing. It’s not just content, it’s a solution. Let us help you. You can schedule a free consultation by contacting us through our booking / contact page or simply call us.