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You have the power to change the world. One story – yours – can impact others simply by telling your truth. At Beyond the Pines Productions, we’ve helped people just like you tell the stories the world needs. When it comes to short films and documentaries, you need a team that is going to help your vision come to life. We’ll take you through each stage, step-by-step, until you have a finished project that makes¬† people go “wow.”

Our documentaries have won awards and film festivals all over the world. Yours could be next.

The Reality of the Agricultural Reserve


The production of the “Reality of the Agricultural Reserve” assisted “Forced to Farm 2020” with restoring the land use rights for a farmer. With the farmer’s rights restored, they were able to sell their land. Upon fulfilling their mission, Forced to Farm 2020 dissolved their committee. Beyond the Pines Productions maintains a relationship with one of the previous founders of Forced to Farm.


Short Films

Screenwriters, storytellers, & films enthusiasts alike, Beyond the Pines Productions is a short film company like no other. We understand your vision, and we can create the story you are looking for. We provide Lighting, Sound, Quality, & more.


The bravest thing you can do is tell your truth. No matter the truth you want to tell, we are here to help. Let’s take your story and share it with the world.¬†

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