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Take a look at some of our recent work. We specialize in Corporate Video Production , Commercials, Live Events, TV Shows, and Films.

2020 Updated Demo Reel | Film Production Company

Some of the best film production work of 2020 all within 2 minutes!

Daxia Trials - Patient Stories

We had less than five days to secure permits, coordinate creative with client, secure six talent & decide on wardrobe, and develop a shot list to maximize the production for a six location ,10-hour shoot in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Healthy Bees™ All-Natural Nutritional Supplement Patties



“Introducing Healthy Bees™ all-natural nutritional supplement patties. Now you can easily give your bees the balanced nutrition they need to do more. We are not just another protein supplement or pollen patty – we are an all-in-one nutritional supplement that improves the overall health of your Hive.”

– Healthy Bees

Our company produced this video in two different states: Idaho & Maryland. We outsourced most of the video clips in this project to be more budget concious for our client. This video played at the world’s largest beekeeper convention, Apimondia. This promotional video was then translated into six different languages from our voice over artists. 

  The CEO of Healthy Bees consulted us that the deadline was short: 2-weeks to travel, film, and turn around six different videos. Their strategy worked and they signed multiple multi-million dollars contracts with beekeepers across the world!


REDCON1 x Isaac Medina

REDCON1 is one of the largest and industry leading supplement companies that sponsors a host of bodybuilding and performance athletes around the world. In this video, Isaac Medina, 25, takes REDCON1’s pre-workout supplement for a test run to smash his workout and posing!

USA Swimming: Open Water National Championship Recap

Usa Swimming wanted us to interview and capture their athletes as they competed against top class swimmers across the world at the 2019 Open Water National Championships; where they had chance to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

Deliver Dudes Training Video

  This instructional video production was produced by Blank Frame Films and Atlantic Current. Beyond the Pines Productions was tasked with filming and providing production support. Our comapnies teamed up to create this hilarious video in Delray Beach, Florida.

   The importance of creative collaboration when producing video content is 

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