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Video Production Services for Corporate and Creative Agencies

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Beyond the Pines specializes in pre-production, production, and post-production for a wide variety of business services.  We’ve worked with everything from construction companies, to small businesses, large corporations, universities, marketing agencies, and even to fellow production companies in need of production support.

There is plenty to consider when choosing the right partner for your video needs, and it all comes down to a few things: vision, chemistry, and technical skills.

Discovery/Development/Pre/ Production/ Post

We implement a discovery phase, development phase, pre-production, production, and post production services. This may include consultation for overview of our services, company, and your goals, script development, planning, casting, location scouting, production design, filming, and editing.

Documentaries videos

You might notice our portfolio library is home to more than one documentary. We are passionate storytellers, and if you have a story to tell, we’re here to help.

Short Films: from a video production company that cares

Our short film services are done quickly and professionally. We help walk you through the pre-production, production, and post-production work, and deliver the final project according to your timeline.

Feature Films: let's make your master piece!

Looking to film your full-length feature? We can guide you from start to finish.

Online Courses & tutorial videos

Looking to create online courses for your website? Beyond the Pines can help you teach your courses while looking and sounding like the professional you are.

trailers & features video production

Have the feature film ready, but you’re needing some fresh eyes to really sell the final product? Our trailers and feature videos are just the thing you need.

remote editing Services / editor anywhere

Need us to cover the editing grunt work? We provide quick and seamless editing for whatever your needs.

Corporate events / Highlight videos

Our team has helped a wide range of businesses, from mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. We have created everything from corporate event recaps, interviews, company profiles and company culture videos.


We have the capability of producing livestreams entirely REMOTELY, in our West Palm Beach Studio, or even at a location of your choice. Producing content for Virtual Galas, conferences, international sports, webinars, etc.  Contact us today to get started.

Social Media Content videos

Video is more important to social media than ever. Video is the top most engaged form of content online today, and will only continue to grow. If you need fresh video content for Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, or any other platform, we’d be happy to help you strategize and execute engaging content.

Commercial / Adverstisement Videos

In addition to corporate companies, Beyond the Pines has a ton of experience with enhancing small businesses through video. Whether you need an announcement, company spotlight, or social media content, we will bring your business to light in the best way possible.

Healthcare Videos

Beyond the Pines Productions has created engaging videos for our Healthcare clients across the nation. We can give that clinical feel a cinematic touch. 

Training Videos

From basic tutorial style videos, all the way to sophiscated slapstick styled training videos- we have variety for you! If you’re looking to keep your employees from falling asleep then you’ve come to the right place! Contact us today about how we can create an original script about your training process with your help.

Video Production for Healthcare, Finance,ecommerce,

Tourism, and More

Our team was built on hard work. Point blank. Our owner’s success story can be found here. We’ve overcome adversity multiple times over the course of our Beyond the Pines lifespan.

We’re here for YOU, and your company. We’re to represent your company because the work we do for you, not only improves your businesses image but it improves ours. Almost every project is an opportunity for our business to earn business from another business.

Your work when filmed and edited by our company becomes a reflection of our company. We treat your company like family because once you film with Beyond the Pines you become apart of who we are!

We’ve developed our services to address any type of video, for a wide spectrum of industries. Some examples of these types of videos include:

  • Medical Video Production
  • Financial Services Video Production
  • Factory and Industrial Video Production
  • Video Production for Education and Training
  • Legal Video Production
  • Marketing Video Production
  • Tech Services and Startup Video Production
  • Non Profit Video Production
  • Hotel Video Production / Hospitality
  • Live Streaming Video Service
  • Home Services Video Production
  • Small Business Video Production
  • eCommerce Video Production





Our Success Factors


Whether you already have a vision or not, we’ll help you refine and polish your ideas, so that they’re sharp enough to come to life. We focus on understanding and making your ideas translate on-screen.

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Chemistry is without a doubt one of the most important features of our business. We build relationships with our clients to make sure they feel comfortable coming to us for each project they have in mind.


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Technical Skills

Not only do we have the vision and chemistry necessary to make great films, our team has plenty of experience and the right equipment to help make the best videos possible. Your ideas are in our capable hands.




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