Micro-content specialist.

Micro-Content for E-Commerce Companies

Just because it’s micro doesn’t mean it won’t have a big impact!
Coming up with content is hard (for most brands).
But why?
Based on my experience most brands just don’t know where to start. The bottom line is that anything that is worth doing is going to be difficult. While most brand ‘experts’ are writing books, articles and filming videos about consistency most brands are failing to even get started. That’s why I wanted to give you a starting point with 5 Micro-Content ideas for your e-commerce company.
Here’s 5 E-Commerce Micro-Content ideas to engage and attract customers.
(in no particular order)

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The Unboxing Video

While unboxing videos may seem “trendy” they are extremely popular and are one of the most searched video categories on the internet. The best part of an unboxing video for e-commerce companies is that they are fairly simple to create. One reason behind the popularity of these videos is that they allow potential customers to see exactly what they’re getting all while sharing in the excitement. Who doesn’t like opening presents? Unboxing videos create a CHRISTMAS day effect. Watching everyone open their presents creates a sense of “I’m Next” and increases excitement. For e-commerce brands it also sets immediate expectations. What you see is what you get! These videos do not need to be complicated and only require brands to think about the customer’s experience. It’s a win-win.

Tell your Story

Customers are more in tune with brands than ever before. Your brand does not have a voice unless you give it one. So, telling your story humanizes your brand. Share your brand values, provide context, tell the story of how your brand or product(s) came to be. The reward for your efforts is a brand that your customers can trust. They see the people “behind the scenes” and this makes your brand relatable. Your brand and your products are no longer “things” but rather the product of hard work and ingenuity. By sharing your story you’ll find that the customers you attract are more like minded and this will ultimately lead to more satisfied customers, loyalty and trust.

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Show your Product in Action

This one is pretty straightforward. Show your e-commerce product in action. Without a “user” every product is inactive. Use this style of content to show your customers what happens when you “turn it on”. How does it work? What problems does it solve? E-commerce companies do not have the benefit of brick and mortar showrooms. That’s why e-commerce companies have to show their customers how their products work. The benefit is a customer that understands not only what your product does but how to maximize the product’s potential. This sets expectations as well as provides an opportunity for e-commerce companies to showcase their problem solving skills.

Customer and Expert Testimonials

2 Words. Social Proof. Online reputation is one of the most important elements to a successful e-commerce company and is often overlooked by even the largest brands. I typically refrain from dropping statistics, however, the data regarding the impact reviews have on purchases is too important to skip over. A whopping 77% of consumers read reviews about products before purchasing and are 270% more likely to purchase a product that has reviews vs a product that doesn’t. That means 7 out of 10 people in your audience want more reviews and it drives their desire to purchase. That’s why this type of content could arguably be the best content you could ever produce. Having “real” customers talk about your products allows your audience to understand the “experience” which goes much deeper than a specs sheet. Customers typically talk in “feelings” vs brands that talk in “measurements”. But don’t forget about expert testimonials. Having an expert discuss your product(s) also fulfills the customers need to know “more specifics” and provides a more experienced opinion. If you utilize customer testimonials mixed with expert opinions you’ll surely convert more viewers to customers while helping your brand reputation. Keep it micro though. There’s no need for long boring testimonials. Keep it real, easy to digest (short) and authentic.

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Comparison Video

This style of content is basically a combination of review and showing a product in action. Comparison videos show how your product “stacks up” against its competitors. The power of creating your own comparison video is that you hold all the cards. Meaning, you control the conversation. To take this one step further you may even compare more than just the product’s functionality. Think not only in “problem solving” but quality, guarantees, pricing, lifetime value, customer service, customer satisfaction, etc. Without diving into stats it would be fair to say almost everyone compares products to some degree before purchasing. Wouldn’t you like to be in control of that? Focus on your strengths. Not every product is right for everyone. Highlighting the key benefits of your product will help you find your ideal customer and will ultimately lead to a better customer experience and will also save your potential customer time during the comparison process. After all your customers experience should be your #1 priority.

There we have it. 5 Ways to get started or to continue producing great content for your e-commerce brand that will help you create positive brand recognition, increase customer loyalty and ultimately conversions.

At this point you may be thinking, “those are all great ideas but how do I do this”? That’s okay. Finding a professional production company that can help you would be the first step in figuring that out. Contact us so we can discuss your e-commerce brand, products and provide you with a positive content creation experience.