Here at Beyond the Pines, we work hard to ensure a great experience and product at the end of your production. In 2021, we had the pleasure of working with two wonderful personal injury lawyers and helped create an amazing advertisement for their law firm. After guiding them easily and quickly through the pre-production phase, we were able to start filming. 

Faced with Florida’s unpredictable weather, we were still able to collect the needed footage for our final product, despite the heavy rains gifted to us from “The Sunshine State”. During production, we made a personal connection with our clients, cracking jokes and sharing stories. At Beyond the Pines, it is important to have a relationship like that with our clients. Otherwise, we’d just be like any other boring company.

After production, we took time and care in our post-production phase to ensure that our new friends were satisfied with their end product. This meant spending hours upon hours in the editing room and working one on one with the client. In the end, we took their creative vision and molded it into a perfect advertisement for their business .