South Florida Video Production Studio

Our West Palm Beach Studio (prior to the 24×24′ Lighting Grid installation)

Gear does matter. There we said it. (bring it on internet trolls)

Before you check-out, hear us out.

There’s literally thousands of videos on the internet produced by the most famous youtubers, filmers, videographers, editors…… (the list goes on) that will tell you that gear is the least important “part” of video production. The caveat is that all of these videos tend to have one thing in common. Gear. Studio quality lighting, expensive cameras and lenses, an office /or work space meticulously staged to recreate a studio, top notch audio and on. and on…….and on.

The point?

Gear obviously matters.

It is true that great gear won’t make a bad ‘story’ good. But if the ‘story’ is worth telling shouldn’t you try to do that in the most visually appealing way possible. Art is subjective. But quality. Well quality really isn’t.

That’s where we come in.

Our West Palm Beach Studio is a space in which you can create stunning professional corporate and commercial video productions without interruption. Every professional video production that is shot on-location is essentially trying to recreate a studio environment. Wouldn’t it then make the most sense to shoot in the studio?

I’ll say this. After new clients use our West Palm Beach Studio they are hooked. Filming in a studio environment is an experience that cannot be replicated in the outside world. There’s no longer visual or auditory interruptions that plague video production companies that shoot on-location. There’s a reason professionals around the world choose West Palm Beach Studios as their video production headquarters.

It all comes down to control.

The world’s most famous artists paint on blank canvases. The reason?

A blank canvas can become anything the artist wants. That’s what our West Palm Beach Studio is. The perfect environment and canvas to create your video.

Our vision to create the perfect video production canvas also required us to think logically about resources and convenience.

Working with commercial and corporate video production clients throughout the world required that our location be logistically convenient. Since our West Palm Beach Studio is less than 3 miles away from the West Palm Beach International Airport it is a logistical dream for clients and video production teams flying in from out of town. There’s also a wide range of lodging options from beautiful hotels to stunning vacation homes that can be found on apps / sites like Airbnb.

Resources. We’ve got resources. In addition to our studio we have everything you need for your professional video production.

Leave the gear at home.

Our RED Dragon X 6K EF Mount outfitted with Zeiss CP.3 Lenses (EF)

From Cameras, lenses, audio, lighting, diffusers, monitors, stands, cycloramas, backdrops, tripods and power solutions we’ve got your entire production covered. We’re not talking about hand-me-down gear either. We’re talking about cinematic professional video production equipment like our fully outfitted Red Dragon X 6K Cinema Camera or how about our Zeiss CP.3 Ef compact prime lens kit.

But wait there’s more.. We even have full grip packages including our Grip Van Package. Your jaw is going to drop when you see what’s included in that package!

Okay, we’re kind of geeking out over here.

What we mean to say is. If you need to shoot a commercial, promotional video, film, music video, documentary, corporate video, interview(s), testimonial(s), unboxing video, social media video, youtube video, comparison video……. Okay you get the point.

West Palm Beach Studio has the Space. West Palm Beach Studio has the Gear.

Okay, enough about us.

Let’s hear about your production!

Contact us directly by reaching out to us via our contact page or by phone so we can chat in more detail about your project /or if you’re ready you can conveniently book our full studio suite online. Just select the date, available times and you’re ready to rock!

We’re excited to be a part of your video production and can’t wait to see what you create.